All beverages are sold at 380 yen with an order of a plate lunch and a la carte (including curry).
Not applied to alcohol beverages.
(All prices include tax)

Coffee (hot / iced) 580 yen
Tea (hot / iced) 580 yen

Americano 580 yen
Café Latte 650 yen
Cappuccino 650 yen
Espresso 580 yen

PREMIUM Grape Juice 600 yen
Orange Juice 450 yen
Coca Cola 450 yen
Coca Cola Zero 450 yen
Ginger Ale 450 yen
Oolong Tea 450 yen
Milk 550 yen

Alcoholic Beverages

Local Wine
Nomin Rosso (Red) Bottle  4,000 yen
Glass   800 yen
Coco Rose (Rose) Bottle  3,700 yen
Glass   750 yen
Ashikaga Coco Wine (White) Bottle  3,700 yen
Glass   750 yen

California Wine
Friend’s of Coco (Red / White) Bottle  3,200 yen
Glass   650 yen

Local Japanese Sake
Nikko Homare Small bottle, chilled 700 yen

Kirin Lager Beer Medium bottle  670 yen
Asahi Super Dry Medium bottle  670 yen

Non-alcohol Beer
Suntory All-Free Small bottle  550 yen